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WCCO | CBS Minnesota

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MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — It’s not just about the popcorn or big name stars anymore: 3-D is the buzz in movie making.

Even Titanic, released 15 years ago, is coming back to the big screen in the new form. So, how do they make an old movie 3D? Good Question.

Scott Ferril is a filmmaker. But there’s no actual film here.

“The greatest 3-D has yet to be shot,” says Ferril.

He uses two cameras rigged just slightly apart from one another.

“It’s (technology) changing every year, there’s a whole leap and bounds of 3D and people don’t realize that in 5 years it’s going to look like what it looks like today,” said Ferril.

Today, movie makers are trying to highlight more of the emotions of the characters. It would have worked for Titanic, but the technology wasn’t as sophisticated 15 years ago.

Now, getting…

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