Windows 8 beta

Posted: March 28, 2012 in Tech
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Today I downloaded windows 8 beta. I gotta tell you it’s pretty awesome. pretty much it pulls out everything about you and put it up in 1 screen, emails, Xbox, facebook and whatever you want to see right away. And that’s your start screen, you still have your regular desktop look but with the start in the left bottom corner you can get a brand new windows looks. every window you open is safed to the right side bar just by clicking the upper left corner you’re able to browse between 1 to another app pretty much as if you flipping through opend apps. it is really fast and it looks pretty cool . you can download the beta version of from and try it yourself. as far as we know the release of the full version by the end of this year. it’s the christmas gifts everyone is gonna want. put in mind that Apple is working on a new os 10.8. it’s gonna be a release ot the end of the year as well.


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